Are these stamps legit? Photo inside.
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I didn't feel like waiting in line at the post office and I bought stamps at a sketchy corner grocery.

They don't look like any stamps I've ever used. Photo here:
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Yup, those are the way that machines now make them. You got colorful ones! Some of the ones at my post office are black and white and smudgy and awful.
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They are printed postage, probably either from or Endicia.

The worst that happens if you use them is you get your letter back the next day from the USPS.
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Yep, that's how they come out of the automated machines. Here's a stamp collector community post featuring the same stamps.
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I bought this from a vending machine in my local post office. This is how some stamps look now.
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I didn't feel like waiting in line at the post office

For future reference, you can buy stamps from the post office online. Unhelpful if you need one stamp right now, but very helpful if you need stamps in general, hate lines, and like interesting stamps. (Plus, inevitably, every time I actually go to a b&m post office and wait in line for stamps they're always out of the good ones, would I like these lovely wedding stamps with doves on them? No.)

As a bonus, it seems like every variety of stamps is shipped in its own bizarre way. The last order I made, of a pile of the "Building a Nation" stamps, came with each individual sheet shrink wrapped onto its own individual sheet of cardboard matting. Before that I got ones from the Modern Art stamp series, and they came on one 4 foot long sheet, rolled up and shipped in a 4" diameter poster tube.

Sorry you got strange, ass-ugly stamps. Order online next time. Like these, these are cool.
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As are the new Jimi Hendrix stamps -- my local post office received only two(!) sheets of them, so I'll have to order mine online.
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They have APC printed on them, which means they came from an Automated Postal Center - machines that exist inside some branches. These are not print-at-home items. I use it often to mail packages, but as mentioned above, you can buy books of stamps from them as well. There is a minimum purchase of $1.00 and they only take credit and debit cards.

The one I use most has some issues with stamps not always popping out correctly and they have instructions to hit the machine with your fist in a specific place! It works, though.
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