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What's the easiest way to turn the Google Maps for a certain area (at the highest resolution) into a big JPEG?

I mean, I could screencap and stitch 'em all together, but that would be a real pain. (I know watermarking will be an issue, but I'll survive.)

What I'm after is a huge map of Black Rock City.
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Modest Maps can do such a thing for Microsoft Virtual Earth tiles, but not yet for Google tiles. If you're willing to wait a day or two, I can put in the necessary patch and get you a big image. Contact me off-site, address is in my profile.
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Check out this.
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A bit more context to the link I provided (which doesn't answer your Google Maps question but does provided with what I think you were looking for) . . . this image was the "official satellite photo" of BRC last year. I linked to the second largest sized image. It was posted by someone who worked at Yahoo! Maps and coordinated the satellite pix as explained in his comment here.
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Best answer: Donovan posted the 2005 image of Burning Man but Flickr user Gatecrasher also has the 2006 satellite image too.

For the higher resolution you seek, yeah you will need to do the photoshop stitching. To make that process easier, set your screen resolution very high and make the browser "full screen". Then do screen caps and copy and paste them into a new photoshop doc. If you set the transparency of each separate paste layer to about 75%, it is easy to align them. I would also edit out the watermarking. I've done stitching of maps plenty of times and it is pretty easy. For a satellite image that size it should take about 20 minutes. There is also a good possibility that someone has already done the work.
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Response by poster: JJ86, your specific solution is so good, I don't care about my general question any more.
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