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GoogleMaps/AndroidFilter: What's the most efficient way to use the Current Location in Google Maps to help build a customized, editable My Map? For the life of me, I can't figure out an easy way to do this; I assume there's an easy way to do this that I'm overlooking.

Here's what I'd like to do, basically: as I'm walking around NYC and find myself in, say, a pleasant spot in Prospect Park that I want to return to at some point. I'd like to take out my phone, mark my current location via Google Maps, and save that location on a personal map, and be able to name the spot something like "Nice Bench on Lookout Hill" on a My Pretty Places in NYC customized map. The closest option that I've found is starring that location, but, among other problems, I can't label those locations.

Is there a way to do what I want to do in Google Maps? Is there some secret extra app that will allow me to do something like this? Thanks!
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Maybe Location Log? It's pretty simple. You can name a location and use your current coords.

There used to be a really handy application from Google called My Maps Editor, but it appears to have been pulled from the Market.
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You want My Tracks. It's an app that records your path and allows you to add waypoints, which is what you're describing in your second paragraph. Once recorded, they upload to My Maps and shareable.
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Response by poster: ofthestrait, My Maps Editor was perfect for what I was looking for, especially since you could (as I remember) sync it with Google Maps. But yeah, the app no longer exists, sigh.

Thanks for the suggestions, though! Even though neither did what I really needed, I searched apps similar to those and found MyPlaces, which does exactly what I was looking for. And then my phone was stolen while travelling, before I could use the app in NYC, humph.
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