Automating Street View
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Is there a way to make Google Street View "drive" for me?

I enjoy looking at stuff in Street View, but it's a big pain in the ass to continually click on the arrow to move. Is there a way to set a route and have Google automatically "drive" you through it, so you progress without having to click anything?

I would love to be able to sit back and watch an automated Street View tour like this - is it possible to do?
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Best answer: This demo works fairly well.
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That tool is good for following pre-planned routes, but if you just want to browse around a general area you can jump through Street View scenes fairly quickly by double-clicking the road ahead of you. This technique will even let you leap across rivers or down long highways -- wherever you can see the road, you can usually go.
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Also, Google Street View keyboard shortcuts work when the focus is on the street view and not the search box. For actual navigating, not mentioned, use the arrow keys.
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