A World of Warcraft mod to make life easier to quest?
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World of Warcraft filter: Is there any mods out there that show you where to for the quest? instead of searching for hours...

I've been playing wow since beta, and played it to death. I've got 2 lvl 70's at the moment and levelling my priest.

The mods Im using are:

Monkey Quest

To make life easier, but is there a mod that when you pickup the quest it puts a mark on the map showing you where to go for the quest.

Or other mods to make life easier.
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A WoW forum might be a better place to ask this question.
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Response by poster: Someone in Wow said use Atlas Quest, but its only for Quests in instances.
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It's not a mod, but I just alt-tab over to http://wow.allakhazam.com/ for my 'where-the-hell-do-I-need-to-go' needs. The comments are often more helpful than the rest of the site's content.
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Yup; comments usually contain coordinates. And using a mod like minimapCoordinates makes tracking your own location a lot easier without continuously flipping over to the world map.
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I look things up on wowhead.

There has been some work on custom Cartographer datasets that include quest givers, destinations, even whole levelling guides. These aren't addons so much as data files you install in your WTF folder. I don't know of a complete one or I'd point you to it.

The Cartographer_Quests addon will help you remember who gave you a quest. But it doesn't have any data preloaded; it only learns what you see. Maybe there's a preload dataset you can get for that.
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When I was deep in the throes of addiction I looked for stuff on thottbot.
I used took look up the quest on the website find the coordinates for what I was looking for and insert them into the thottbot mod which put a nice 'X' on the map.
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I think QuestAreas does this - but I'm not sure. Haven't tried it out myself.
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Dude, it's not that hard. Just go to thottbot or allakhazam and read the comments for the quest. Someone else has already done the work for you and is eager to share.
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Response by poster: Done that, for the past 2 years, a mod like I said will save time and effort. A huge whipe to get the quests done quickly.
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Best answer: Haven't used it myself (I just keep a laptop with Wowhead open hand), but LightHeaded is a dump of Wowhead's database into a format that integrates into your questlog.
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Cartographer has a couple of plugins that do that - it'll record where you pickup quests (I know I always get a bit confused trying to remember which dude was where when he gave me a quest) and will record locations of quest objectives as well. It can also be set to share between guildmates.
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Not a plugin but I have a second monitor, which I know really cannot imagine playing MMORPGs without; among other things, I can pull up thottbot/wowhead/whatever on it. I can also chat on IM, control Winamp... yeah I'm a bit ADD, why?
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Response by poster: SemiSophos That is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much.
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