Is live-monitoring a USB mic in Audition 1.5 possible?
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Live monitoring a USB mic in Adobe Audition 1.5: can it be done, or not?

I'm married to Audition 1.5, and I've been getting along very well with that and a Fast Track USB outboard audio interface. However, I'd love to simplify my kitchen-table setup for the days when I want to start recording now, not in the five minutes it takes to set up my condenser mic and my mixer to power it and the outboard box to feed it into. Current set up works like a dream, but I want to be able to do quick work sometimes without having to do more set-up than plugging in a mic.

So I picked up a Samson C01U on a lark yesterday, and while the mic sounds fine, I find that I can't monitor it live in Audition—no mic sound back into my headphones whatsoever during recording or idle time. Is there some way, either within Audition or with an additional external app, to get this monitoring happening when I'm working in Audition?

(The mic shipped with a copy of Sonar LE, which, along with the ASIO4ALL driver, shows that it can be done in general, though out of the box the monitoring is still noticeably laggy and full of pops to boot—I suppose that might be a matter of buffer-management, but it's all moot if I can't hear it when I'm in Audition. This previous question has some good discussion of the general situation, but not Audition; this one hits up latency stuff as well, but again, no dice for Audition specifically.)
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From a google search of "Samson CO1U" and adobe audition...

BAD: Since it is its own audio device, you can't monitor your voice levels via your headphones through your soundcard hardware like you would if your mic was plugged into Mic/Line-In. Again, it is entirely software dependant, and I don't know a single audio software that doesn't have SOME type of buffer delay, meaning you're going to hear your voice lagged by 1-2 seconds. Impossible to work with.

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Yes, you'll need some sort of audio interface to accomplish this, not just the USB mike. Something like M-Audio's Fast Track USB Audio Interface.

But there are *lots* of other choices.

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Response by poster: Well, shit. So much for the wild stab; I've gone with the return-the-damn-thing plan and will stick with my current workflow for now. Thanks for the effort, folks.
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