World of Warcraft filter: I want to create a group channel for all 3 guilds on the site channel. Possibly mod or addon?
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World of Warcraft filter: I want to create a group channel for all 3 guilds on the site channel. Possibly mod or addon?

We have 3 guilds on the same server and want to stay as we are, however we want to chat as 1. I was looking around the web for addons, mods and even 3rd party software for this.

We have tried the /join guildname but no one uses it as the colour doesnt stand out (yes I know we can change it) and we always have to do a /6 to speak (which is annoying). So I was thinking about a mod that would automatically connect to '/join guildname' but then discard the /g and mask it in that place. So /g is infact /6 and we wont have change the colours and type /6 everytime we talke. However, would this be a mod? or is there anything out there that does similar?

The other way around this is to use Xfire, however this 3rd party application doesnt allow groups of people to chat. Good for 1 on 1 not as a group.

Irc could be used, however we can then link our 2 other alliance guilds with the 3 main ones to make a global guild chat for other servers also. Is there any applications that work in the same way as Xfire but for group chats in games?

Hope you can help.
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My guild tied a recruit/alt guild into our main guild with just a catchy common name.

Getting people to use it will be much easier than getting people to download a mod.
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A well organized ventrilo server is by far the best option for multi-guild/alliance gaming, in my opinion.

Separate channels for various Raids (i.e. Raid 1, Raid 2, etc.) and then you can call them out when organizing a raid. Such as, "We're forming a group for X dungeon, vent is raid 3."

This is what we use for GoonFleet on EVE.

The primary problem I see with this system for World of Warcraft would be that the guys pretending to be girls will hate it.
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Also, you don't mention having one, but a voice chat server (like Ventrilo) goes a long way towards building community. You can set up channels on a vent server however you like. Certainly, voice chat brings a whole slew of new issues, but I can't imagine trying to play without one now.

As for the channel reassignment mod, I'm sure there's some bloated package over at Curse Gaming that can eventually be adapted to save you time getting to a channel down on the list. I really think your problem is going to come down to getting everyone disciplined enough to join and chat in one channel, though. "/6 hay gusy" should be easy for people who want to keep in touch.

The WoW community site has it's own Guild forum, by the way, which might be a better forum for discussing communications difficulties. It's moderated well and tends to bring out seasoned guild leaders/officers who are nuts about ideas for keeping guilds organized.
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We tried doing this in my guild as a way to work around the 500 characters / guild limitation. It didn't work for the reasons you mentioned; wrong colour in chat, /g being too easy a reflex, etc.

One thing that did help was ChatLink. It allows you to shift-click items to link them in chat in any channel. If someone doesn't have it they'll see a bit of noise in the chat channel, nothing too bad.
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