Interesting, lively IRC channels?
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What are some intelligent, vibrant, quirky, funny, or otherwise interesting IRC channels? I've been suffering from insomnia lately, so I would especially like to find out about channels that aren't totally dead in the early morning hours of eastern standard.

Yes, I know about #mefi, and I've seen this question, but it's from 2005. Thanks in advance!
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#bunnies on slashnet
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#geekissues on efnet is often, though not always active around this time.

you may be familiar with it as the source of original seed content for qdb.us.
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TBH man - I found late nights, going onto "search all channels" and picking a random one is fun enough.

I was politely asked to leave some "Tunnel security hot desk" - guys IRC that monitored a big tunnel in the states or other - I think it's a lot about making your own fun. You have to go and start a conversation as opposed to join one in flow.
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