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SongFilter: There's a new Sears commercial circulating, and I love the song in it. It sounds like Regina Spektor's voice for part of the commercial, but then it doesn't in other parts. A Google search turned up a new ad with "Coming Home" by The 88, but that's not the song I'm looking for.

That's really all the information I have, unfortunately. Any ideas?
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It's not the Mr Blue Sky by ELO song, is it?
posted by iconomy at 12:58 PM on June 17, 2007

No. This is an almost brand new commercial, as far as I know. And it's gotta be relatively new music, too, because I searched around and all I got was The 88 and ELO, and ELO is old.
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What else it isn't: Brendan Benson's "What I'm Looking For" - it's definitely a girl's voice.
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Is there any chance it's a JC Penny commercial? The description reminds me of this.
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Sigh. No, lalex, but that song rocks as well.
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Argh. Is it Nikka Costa's "Everybody Got Their Something"? That's not new either, but it's the only one I can think of with a woman singing....
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Not sure if it's the same commercial that you're referring to, but Lily Frost's Enchantment is playing during the commercial that I'm thinking of. She sounds kind of like Regina Spektor.
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Slower than either of those. Sorry to be driving anyone insane.
posted by sjuhawk31 at 1:54 PM on June 17, 2007 never fails.
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I searched adtunes and couldn't find it....driving me nuts now! Are you absitively positutely sure it's Sears?
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Also try Clipland
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Are you sure it's for Sears? This sounds like it could be Cat Power's cover of Cat Stevens' "How Can I Tell You" for a DeBeers diamond commercial. Here's an article about it, as well as discussion of it on the Adtunes forums. It is apparently not available commercially, but you can hear a snippet of it on this MySpace page (not actually Chan Marshall's page).
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How did I mistake the brand that badly? Yes, it's Cat Power. Bravo, candyland, for finding something based on absolutely no information. Gotta love AskMeFi. Now, how to go about getting that song...
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Well, DeBeers rhymes with Sears! I knew exactly what you were talking about because I keep seeing that commercial and I thought it was Regina Spektor too.
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Oh my goodness, I love that cover too. When the commercial came out I (unsuccessfully) spent hours trying to find a full-length version of it - let us know if you locate one!
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The article that candyland points says that she only recorded 30 seconds of music and doesn't plan to record a full version. How frustrating.
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Like candyland above, I immediately knew this HAD to be the song you were referencing - it is so beautiful and catchy!

FYI, here's a sample of the original version if you want to compare. Not nearly as pretty, methinks.
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