Where do we go from here (here being Las Vegas in October)?
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Leaving Las Vegas in October, and looking for the nearest warm beach . . .

I'll be in Vegas on bidness for a few days in late October. My wife wants to accompany me to LV, and after I'm done we will continue on to a relatively-remote, hot-as-possible-considering-the-calendar location that has a good number of quiet beaches, where we will kick back and celebrate our anniversary.

Extra karmic points for places to eat and stay.

Kauai? We've been there, loved that. And it's a fallback option. But I'm betting your collective brilliance can come up with something similar, but better.
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Best answer: San Carlos, Mexico

Two main options, Resort side or Bungalow side.

The Resort side is on Playa Algodones (commonly known as Catch-22 Beach). Paradiso Resort & Beach Club used to be a Club Med. The Sea of Cortez Vacation Club is nice. You can contain your experience to typical resort activities, typical resort amenities, etc.

The Bungalo Side is closer to a Mexican town. It is also on a gorgeous sandy bay. This is probably where you'll be staying if you rent a bungalow. (My dad rents from the Casa de Amigos and says Barb & Tom appreciate a good bottle of wine.) I like this side of the town 'cause I enjoy walking to the corner stores and taco stands, etc. It's definitely more Mexican. Just enough, though. It's really something to wake up with the sun on your own rooftop porch, walk downstairs and a few minutes away is an empty beach. Bungalows can also come stocked with extensive paperback mystery and VHS collections, ask ahead of time.

Don't stay in Guaymas.

Whichever side you choose, there's eateries on both sides that should not be passed up. My personal dinner favorites are The Oasis (for shrimp!), Blackie's (for steak!), and Rosa's (for regional Mexican specialties). Excellent Sunday breakfast buffet at El Embarcardero, the restaurant in Marina Terra Hotel. The Marina Cantina has that ex-pat feel, lots of sports up on TVs, and a rowdy rich fishermen crowd all day long. Good quesadillas, too.

If you're into catching Marlin, snooping around underwater, or lunching on mountain peaks, check out San Carlos. SanCarlosMexico.com has some active forums where you can get daily weather reports and ask some of the friendly ex-pats about more specifics (ie. atvs, getting on a deep sea boat for a day, etc.) I wish I could go back this summer. =o(
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Oop, forgot to mention that it's a 4 hour drive from the border in Nogales, Az, or you can fly into Guaymas. Again, DO NOT STAY IN GUAYMAS.
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Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco, fly to Tucson on Southwest, rent a car and drive the 150 Miles to Rocky Point. It's not old Mexico but it's warm and most beaches are beautiful.
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Temps in San Carlos and Puerto Penasco in October are usually upper 80's/low 90's during the day and considerably cooler at night (low 60's). San Carlos is an order of magnitude nicer than Rocky Point. Both may be subject to monsoon thunderstorms around that time of year, otherwise glorious weather.
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There's been some buzz about the windward end of the Island of Hawaii lately - it's not as touristy as the Kona side and it's got more of a local vibe, but it's not as beachy - perhaps you can track down some Hawaiian Mefites and they'll give you the skinny. Molokai is also really laid-back.

That said, southern California can be ridiculously hot from September to early November; it's also the peak of our fire season.

At the other end of the affordability spectrum, Tahiti is a non-stop flight from Los Angeles, and October doesn't seem like it would be peak season.
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Response by poster: Thank you, oh Oracles of the Green!
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Have a happy anniversary!
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How'd things go? Can we get a follow-up?
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