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I have an laptop running XP. I have two profiles. When I change the Start Menu or Startup Processes on one, it bleeds over to the other...

My desktop running XP doesn't do this, it keeps profiles totally separate. Both profiles on the laptop are Administrators, one is listed as owner. Ideas?
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Best answer: If you right click the Start button, you will see Open, Explore, Open All Users, and Explore All Users. These open or explore the individual Start Menu folder structure (for the profile you have), or the All Users Start Menu folder structure.

It is likely that all the icons you see on the Start Menu and Startup folder thereunder, are currently in the All Users folder (which affects everyone).

New programs sometimes give you a choice of "Install this for all users, or just for you". The choice you make affects where the program group, etc. is created.

So, to fix it, in Profile #1, use Explore AND Explore All Users, then drag most everything (but see below) from the All Users to your own individual one.

However, now Profile #2 won't have ANYTHING on the Start Menu. So in the previous step, only drag the stuff unique to Profile #1.

Then log in to Profile #2, rinse and repeat.

Have fun.
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Previous post typed in a hurry. Hope it makes sense.
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Best answer: To clarify blue_wardrobe's post...

When you install software you'll sometimes see it ask whether it should install just for you, or for all users. Sometimes the shortcuts are put in YOUR start menu, and sometimes the shortcuts are put in the "All Users" start menu.

Software that doesn't ask tends to favour the "All Users" in my experience.

So as BW said, you have to look under both start menu folders, and if you want to change one and not the other you have to make sure what you change is NOT in the "All Users" folder.

It's a lot of copying and pasting, but worth it in the end. Keep in mind, you'll have to mess with it again pretty much every time you install software, and software you uninstall might not uninstall its shortcuts if you've moved them.
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