Low-cost, state-covered vasectomy in Wisconsin?
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Low-cost, state-covered vasectomy in Wisconsin?

I am a single male, age 25. I make very little money from my part-time job, enough to cover the rent and some groceries, but not much else. I want to get a vasectomy, but my health insurance does not cover it. I am far below the poverty line. Are there any programs in Wisconsin that could cover my vasectomy? The cheese state has the Family Planning Waiver, but that is restricted to women. Wisconsin Planned Parenthoods do not provide sterilization.
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I would ask you how you know that your insurance does not cover it. A lot of plans are going to have coverage for elective sterilization. The logic being that if you get sterilized you're not going to have the additional cost of a spouse needing several thousand dollars in maternity costs.

I would try and confirm, at least. You can contact me privately if you need someone to call your insurance company and confirm one way or another if it's covered. Email in profile.
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You might want to see if there is any kind of research study going on in your area for vasectomies. Doubtful but wouldn't hurt to look.
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FYI - A urologist may refuse to do the operation at your age.

I was 35 with two kids and the doctor had a long discussion with me talking about the implications. I have no doubt that if I was 25 he would not have performed the operation.
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Just to refute Argyle's anecdote (no offense, though) -- I had one at 27 and the doctor barely asked me if I was sure. I'm sure this varies with the provider significantly. If you get grief from the first one, find another.

I'll also second gregschoen's suggestion to double check with your insurance. It might even be worth trying to bargain with them to get it pre-approved as an exception, especially if there are medical reasons that suggest a vasectomy -- inheritable birth defects, pregnancy causes a danger to your spouse/partner, etc.

Finally, some employers offer something called a Health Savings Account -- it lets you take pre-tax income out of your paycheck to pay for medical expenses.
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I had a mandatory counseling session before I could get mine around 24 at planned parenthood. A lot of people turn around and sue later in life when they change their minds about having kids. Although the procedure is sometimes reversible, one should never think of it that way. I was going to suggest the King's birthday vasectomy festival in Thailand, but if you don't have the cash for a vasectomy, you probably don't have the cash to fly to Thailand. The St. Paul Planned Parenthood clinic in Minnesota offers vasectomies on a sliding scale. I applaud you for being responsible. Good luck.
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Spitbull, I paid $300 for a vasectomy. Other than free condoms or Creighton Method, you can't beat that. Less drastic, I grant you.
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