Online shopping with free return policies?
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Is anybody aware of a comprehensive list of shopping websites which have a 100% no questions return policy with shipping covered or individual websites with no regard for is the product is used or not?

A great example of a website that does this is . If I buy over $75, the shipping is free and they send me pre-packaged return supplies and never ask questions if return is within 60 days. It does not matter how much of the product is left. Very cut and dry. What are your favorite websites like this?
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i've never had to return anything to them, but i think has a pretty relaxed policy.

fyi--most drugstores will take your makeup back if it's a bad color.
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My wife uses Zappos a lot and I can confirm they have a very relaxed return policy—she'll buy 5 pairs of shoes to find which one she actually likes. Not sure what their limitation is on used products, but they do cover the return shipping.

LL Bean has had a ridiculously liberal returns policy since long before the Web: people will return products they've been using for years, and LL Bean will take it.
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I've been able to take REI items back years after purchase (REI-brand items, not anything bought there) - including a 10-year-old tent with a zipper that broke.

That said, they seem to have drastically changed their policy in the last year, and are almost hostile as far as returns go now, so I'm not sure how much mileage you'll get out of their guarantee.
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CostCo used to have the best return policy of any company, ever. But that changed for the worse beginning this year, sadly. Might just be for electronic stuff, though.
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I'd note that the reason the CostCo policy changed "for the worse" is because so many people abused the policy.

I can't imagine a comprehensive list exists, and frankly it shouldn't. Whether your intention is to use it for Good or Evil(tm), enough people discovering that list would guarantee that just like with CostCo, the scheming evil-users will ruin it for those who just want to be able to legitimately try something out and return it if they're dissatisfied.
posted by twiggy at 7:21 PM on June 8, 2007, I have personally used their awesome return policy many times. Its impossible to find out if shoes are the correct size without trying them on, so the return policy is a godsend. Free return shipping. However, they do expect the shoes to be returned unused. Instructions explain that you should try the shoes on and walk around on a carpeted surface, to avoid wear on the soles so they are still eligible for return.
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Nordstrom's stores accept returns no questions asked. I would expect their web site does too.
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+1 Zappos
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It's a local shop to Michigan, but Gazelle Sports has a fantastic return policy. I'd bought a pair of Keen shoes there last May, and by September, they were falling apart. I rolled into one of the shops (not the one where I'd initially purchased) and said, "Hey. My shoes are falling apart. I'd like a new pair. I do not have a receipt," and they said, "Surely. Let us get you the newest model of your shoe, and we'll look up your receipt." This may have been partially related to Keen's return policies, but they also take back other shoes as well much after the fact.
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