"Little sister, don't you kiss me once or twice / Then say it's very nice / And then you run"
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Songs about a relationship which starts off enthusiastically, but where someone gets cold feet early on? The song quoted in the post title would be a good example/starting point.
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Best answer: I Started Something I Couldn't Finish - The Smiths

Typical me, typical me
Typical me
I started something
...And now I'm not too sure

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Best answer: "Gatekeeper" by Feist.

Well they tried to stay in from the cold and wind
Making love and making their dinner
Only to find that the love that they grew in the summer

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Love Circles by Squeeze

From "The first circle comes around
You don't want to leave her side
You're staying in and don't go out"

To "And you can feel love start to fade
You fall asleep or read a book
The phone goes back upon the hook"
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"St. Patrick's Day" by John Mayer:

No one wants to be alone at Christmas time
Come January we're frozen inside
Making new resolutions a hundred times
February, won't you be my valentine?
And if our always is all that we gave
And we someday take that away
I'll be alright if it was just 'til St. Patrick's Day

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Warrant: I Saw Red
Oo it must be magic
How inside your eyes
I see my destiny
Every time we kiss
I feel you breathe your love so deep inside of me
Then I saw red
When I opened up the door
I saw red
My heart just spilled on to the floor
And I didn't need to see his face
I saw yours
I saw red then I closed the door

Meatloaf: I'd do anything for love (but I won't do that)
[Girl:] Will you raise me up, will you help me down?
Will you get me right out of this Godforsaken town?
Will you make it all a little less cold?
[Boy:] I can do that! I can do that!

[repeat him willing to do anything for her]

[Girl:] After a while you'll forget everything
It was a brief interlude and a midsummer night's fling
And you'll see that it's time to move on
[Boy:] I won't do that! No I won't do that!

[Girl:] I know the territory, I've been around
It'll all turn to dust and we'll all fall down
And sooner or later, you'll be screwing around

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Best answer: The Wrens - I've Made Enough Friends

Hands full of you hair and I can't stop kissing
I'm licking your lips, my hand on your hips
A rush of wonder this charm we're under might last
What's beginning? A brand-new winning, I can't stop kissing, I can't...
Undo your buckle while you bite at my neck
I've waited no end, I've made enough friends.
We're down to nothing and I can't stop shaking
You're nothing but skin, I think we're done in.
Rush of wonder this spell we're under might last
We're too hoping, our years are showing and fast
We're too desperate, too soon investing, another lesson I'll pass.

The Wrens. Fucking. Rock.
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Woman - Anti-Nowhere League
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Future Ex-Girlfriend by Voltaire:
Saw you on the street
we had to meet
I thought I should greet you
In just one week I would delete you
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Best answer: Cherry Poppin' Daddies - When I Change Your Mind:


Your ignorin' hurts my pride
Don't you want my pleasure ride
I've got to have you by my side
When I change your mind

Now my foolish heart sure don't skip a beat
When you haul your tired ass across the street
I'd sell my soul for an airplane seat
Now that I changed your mind

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"Trying Too Hard" by Day One.
I said you’re the woman from last night
Standing just to my right
You’re the one that said I was sweet
When I left your kiss in my cheek
And said we could hook up sometime maybe
Well now is a good a time as any
She said I don’t mean to offend you
But you’re not quite how I remembered you
You seemed to look a lot better then
But I think you’re nice as a friend
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Best answer: Four Seasons In One Day by Crowded House

"Four seasons in one day
Lying in the depths of your imagination
Worlds above and worlds below
The sun shines on the black clouds hanging over the domain

Even when youre feeling warm
The temperature could drop away
Like four seasons in one day ... "
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Here's "Wanda and Duane," written by Dave Alvin (from the Blasters), later covered on a live album by Marshall Crenshaw:

Wanda met Duane in a local bar
next to an industrial park
Duane didn't like the clothes that she wore
but she felt so good in the dark
After a few days they said 'why wait'
and Wanda moved in to stay
into Duane's apartment on the second floor
next to the 605 freeway
They made love in the mornin'
love in the evenin', love in the afternoon
but all good things have got to come to an end
even in a warm bedroom
Duane got tired of hearing her voice
and Wanda got sick of his breath
Pretty soon they never said a word before falling asleep
on opposite sides of the bed
Oh ain't it a shame
there ain't no one to blame
when love just slips away
and only the lovers remain
Ain't it a shame
there ain't no one to blame
so the names have been changed
to protect Wanda and Duane
Wanda joined a gym but she never went
'cause it was just too far away
Duane held the tv remote control
and smoked three packs a day
Wanda thought that undercover she might take a lover
but you know that she never did
Duane fell in love with all the naked girls
in the magazines that he hid
Oh ain't it a shame
there ain't no one to blame
when love just slips away
and only the lovers remain
Ain't it a shame
there ain't no one to blame
so the names have been changed
to protect Wanda and Duane
Wanda was starin' out the front door
at the trees blowin' in the wind
She said 'maybe someday I'm gonna blow out that door
and not blow back in again'
Duane was starin' out the bedroom window
at the leaves falling from the tree
said 'maybe someday I'm gonna jump out that window
and not say goodbye when I leave'
Ain't it a shame
there ain't no one to blame
when love just slips away
and only the lovers remain
Ain't it a shame
there ain't no one to blame
so the names have been changed
to protect Wanda and Duane
I said there ain't no one to blame
so we changed our names to Wanda and Duane
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Best answer: Well, I imagine that your screen name is a reference to the Magnetic Fields song, Reno Dakota ("...it's making me blue, Pantone 292")...so I will refrain from other Magnetic Fields songs, as you are probably chock full of them.

Fidelity - Regina Spektor
Ever Fallen in Love (with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with)? - the Buzzcocks
Fallin' - Connie Francis
My Little Runaway - Del Shannon (or any cover, I suggest Me First and The Gimmie Gimmies)
I Had my Chance - Morphine
Rest of my life - Sloan
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions all!
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One more? "What'll I Do" -- composed by Irving Berlin, recorded by hundreds.

Do you remember a night filled with bliss?
The moonlight was softly descending.
Your lips and my lips were tied in a kiss --
A kiss with an unhappy ending.

What'll I do with just a photograph to tell my troubles to?
When I'm alone with only dreams of you that won't come true, what'll I do?

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