Where else have I heard the Hijack flute loop?
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Where else have I heard the Hijack flute sample?

There is a flute sample from Herbie Mann's song Hijack that was used in the Beatnuts' Watch Out Now and subsequently in Jennifer Lopez's Jenny From The Block.

When I first heard the J-Lo song, I remember thinking "Great. Why'd they have to take that great flute loop and ruin it for me?" But now, I can't remember at all where I might have heard it before Jenny From The Block. I wasn't aware of the Beatnuts song until I started researching this on the interwebz and I'm pretty sure I wasn't thinking of the Herbie Mann original. So, my question is: What other songs (possibly remixed?) have used that flute sample from Hijack?
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"Hijack" by Just-Ice?
posted by hilker at 2:51 PM on May 24, 2007

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