Recycled content? Energy Use? None of the Above?
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Looking for stats on what people THINK is most important in a "green" product.

NOT looking for what is ACTUALLY most important.
Looking for polls of the type:

Which do you think helps the environment the most?
a) Buying products with recycled content
b) Buying products that were produced locally
c) Buying less products
d) Buying products with organic content
e) etc, etc

Or, other incidental info from books and other sources. References to technical papers appreciated as well. Thanks as always hivemind.
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We're doing a range of consumer and social responsibility studies that deal with these issues in the broader context of what they rate as the most important in context of other issues (like military spending, policing, labour rights, etc) - but these are focused on ethical considerations.

The data is embargoed and I can't actually provide you with the source (not that it's exactly what you're after), but you may want to check the various academic clearing houses for similar studies.

Here's one that may be of use.

We worked on this study - and this one also. Giana Eckhardt may be able to help you with identifying a similar study that deals more with what you're seeking.

There is a lot of data out there, but it's difficult to locate (particularly searching online) - your best bet is to contact someone in academia, working in these areas of interest, they'd be able to quickly steer you in the right direction.
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Judging from the success of Whole Foods and the new surge in organic agribusiness, I'd say "buying local" is waaaaaay down the list. As is consuming less. I think some people look at organic and recycled items as the "fat free" items of general merchandise: "Oh look, it's recycled, so I can buy 3 of them since I'm saving the planet anyway."
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Thanks to both of you -- DeathAl, I totally agree with you but it's not gonna fly in my publication here unless I have a reference. I have some for recycled products, but they are from 1993 and 1994. StrawberryV, I will look up Giana Eckhardt and check out your studies. You know, now that you mention it, there is probably someone in a library here that could help me track the info down.
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StrawberryV, your "here's one" link isn't working for me -- I just go to the Insight Media general page. Can you give me the name of the DVD?
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Hey Eringatang - I meant the site moreso (although the link should have gone to a page of search results on consumers, but the session has timed out) - there is a lot of summaries of studies in that realm there, you may want to spend some time going through them - and follow up on the leads (if any) that you find.

BTW, Giana is now at Suffolk University.
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