Where to find a cheeping bird?
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Help me find a cheeping bird toy

When I was young (Mid 80s - early 90s) all the girls had soft toy birds that cheeped when you put them in the palm of your hand. On the base, where you inserted the batteries, were two ring shaped electrical contacts. When a circuit was established, the toy cheeped. I badly want one of these for a lesson on conductivity. Can anybody find a UK supplier? Google fails me. Thanks everyone.
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I've seen and bought this around Easter time. Since local novelty stores won't be carrying Easter stuff now, I checked Oriental Trading Co. online, who with their millions of cheap Easter toys did not have the cheeping chick.

Barring finding other sources of dollar store variety Easter toys online, you might try science-y toy stores. American Science & Surplus has a conducting alien toy (I'm assuming you aren't tied to the chick thing) and vaguely seems to ship to the UK. The problem is that the "conducts when you connect two strips in your hand" doesn't have an easily describable term to google, eh?
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I know what you're looking for, but haven't found a good UK site (I admit, I'm stumped on something at work and procrastinating).

But I think I've found something even better: The Shock Ball. Works on the same principle, and definitely more attention getting. Maybe even more of a lesson since there's more than one set of contacts (explore more complex circuits).
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The best I've found about these chicks specific to the UK is this Yahoo! Answers UK post, which recommends ASDA, but again, that was Easter time.
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Ooo- they just had these at Cracker Barrel here in the states for Easter.
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I actually have a yellow one if you are interested. I will have to look for it.. he's a cutie!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I'm going to pick up a cosmic ball tomorrow, which I think should do the same thing. Still interested to hear of any cheeping bird ideas!
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You know, I have one of those cheeping birds downstairs--I bought it last year for Father's Day at a local design store--Akar. The bird itself is not on the website, but if you shoot them an email or a call, I'm sure they'll know what you're talking about. I've had a few discussions with the manager about the utter sweetness of those cheeping birds.
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