Is it possible to get good color out of an (oldish) laptop LCD?
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Is it possible to get good color out of an (oldish) laptop LCD? {More Inside}

I ask because every few months I find myself messing with Adobe Gamma, trying to get colors that are saturated and contrasty (probably not a word). OF course when I do this I have to reset all the color management in photoshop, which is a pain. Then the new color settings start to bother me an I mess with them again. For example, now red's and blues are more saturated but greens are darker than I want. I'm not aiming for perfection I even have a profile that works beautifully for visualizing cmyk while in RGB mode, no surprise print but for general web browsing, viewing my photo collection, etc. I find my colors to be inadequate. Can this be adjusted through the hardware, or do I need a more sophisticated monitor (either a decent CRT or a pricey LCD)? Specs on the monitor:
IBM LCD XGA 1024x768 native
The computer is a Dell Inspiron 4000 purchased in May 2001. The same model was also available with a "super" XGA at 1280x1024. Other than that there was no hardware difference, leading me to wonder if I could pick one up on ebay and swap it in. I remember they were slightly better displays all around, not just in resolution. as a side note, unlike many I am very comfortable messing around with laptop hardware and have replaced a couple hard-to-reach parts as well as cleaned the innards with no bad effect.
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You should be able to save the profile and simply switch between the two depending on what you are working on.
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