Where to find mouse and keyboard for Mac Plus
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I picked up an abandoned Mac Plus on the sidewalk yesterday, for sentimental reasons. It boots, expecting a floppy. I haven't tried booting it fully yet, but it should work. The screen is wonky, but fixable.

Anyhow, I need to locate a mouse and keyboard, since it lacks them - and it predates ADB (which I do have). Is there an easy (and cheap) source for this, or should I just prowl computer "junk" stores and thrift stores?
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Sun Remarketing has long been a good source of obsolete hardware for Mac aficionados. But these days you may find better prices on eBay.
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The word "extortion" comes to mind when looking at Sun Remarketing's price list. I got my Mac Plus for $5 at a yard sale -- the idea of paying $100 for just a keyboard is crazy.
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Try this: go the the newsroom of a college newspaper. If it's anything like the dozen or so I've been in, there are piles of outdated Mac peripherals everywhere. Plus, you can easily trade weed or concert tickets for junk they don't use. Seriously.
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cpused might be able to help.
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Maybe try looking through lowendmac?
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It's already been said, but Ebay should always be an option when you're looking for...stuff.
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don't you just need a serial mouse and keyboard? Kensington still sells serial mice, and i bet keyboards too.
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Two words: Fish Tank
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amberglow: The keyboards and mice for extremely old Macs (the original Mac and Mac Plus) use a serial interface, but not the same one as PCs use. So PC serial mice and keyboards won't work.
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I did this once. The Mac Plus had the keyboard and mouse thankfully. But I've gotten rid of the thing, else I'd send you mine. You will have a bitch of a time finding a System 6 Floppy (it's the most recent one that works, System 7 disks are easy, but they won't work) -- even on eBay. Good luck.

Since it's just for fun, plug it into the wall and let the little disk and question mark blink and blink.
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Actually, Apple gives out 6 and 7, so that isn't a problem. And I still have the use of a PowerMac with a floppy drive.

Also, I might have a lead on (free) Plus peripherals. Thanks for the pointers.
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