I'm looking for some utility to convert MP3s to WMA format under OS X
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MP3 to WMA in OS X, EI.EI.O. I'm looking for some utility to convert MP3s to WMA format under OS X. I have a cheap "MP3" player that will either take some proprietary format of MP3, that will never never ever work under OS X, or takes Windows Media WMA files, no matter what platform. It can run from iTunes, the Terminal, or some magic. Anyone have any ideas?

I've been looking through a couple of groups for the RCA Lyra, and have a setup under a dog slow VirtualPC that allows this. But would rather work under my spiffy OS X iBook.
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Wouldn't you be a lot happier with a CD-MP3 based player for around $100? The only excuse for a lyra is its "portability", which is already large for what it offers.
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Response by poster: Nope. If I had $100 to spend, I would have went the extra mile and saved for an iPod mini. I've been ditching my cds one at a time, converting to mp3s, so getting a discman isn't going to work.

I got this for under $35 with the understanding that it played MP3s on a CF card. When what it really does is play a proprietary mp3 files, once it's sent through realjukebox and that onto it's self is a fucking nightmare. Some other people are in a similar boat, so some hacks were developed to allow the Lyra to run wma. It's a good compromise, but need something more specific for OS X.
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Does the Lyra play mp3PRO? I think that's the case. If so, you can use Audion. At $30, it's not ideal, but there ya go.
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Response by poster: I wish. It plays *.mpx files by default and with hacks, plays wma files.
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Response by poster: Ok, I believe I already have the program I need. It's Cleaner 6 and I use it for video conversions. It's a little overkill, but it does the job. The Lyra's are good little (and cheap) players, so while it's been a pain in the ass as an OS X user, if you're running Windows it shouldn't be a hassle.
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