Goofy weirdness with IE7 and Digg
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Weirdness with DIGG and IE7

For work, I have to use IE7. I noticed some weirdness whenever I browse Digg. The copy is all "jumbled" with text running over other parts of the page. Nothing seems to clear it. I've tried deleting my cache and temp files, switching the font size, etc. -- nothing seems to work.

Here's a screenshot:

Anyone else seen this problem?

p.s. Please do not "recommend" that I switch to Firefox. I use it at home, but am required to use IE7 at work.
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Digg has a bug form.
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how locked down is your work computer? would something like firefox portable work for browsing digg? i know you said no firefox but i assumed that is because you can not install it on your work computer. if my assumption is wrong my bad.
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Is your IT department good about making sure you have recent updates? Several beta and pre-release versions of IE 7 had known problems and bugs with CSS rendering, infamously including Digg's site. What is the version listed under Help/About Internet Explorer?

If the situation is dire, you might check under Tools/Manage Add-Ons to see if there's any less-common third party add-ons which could be interfering. Temporarily disable anything noncritical and restart the browser, assuming the capability is not locked out by your friendly neighborhood IT admin. Plus there's always the emergency "Reset" button under the Advanced tab of Internet Options, although it's not a step to be taken lightly since it will disable anything deviating from IE 7's original vanilla state.

Other than that, the Digg home page looks fine to me using IE 7 with Windows XP, and I cannot make IE fail to render Digg's site correctly by changing a couple of the usual suspect settings in advanced Internet options.
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