Online IT forums, where art thou?
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It's almost 60 degrees outside, so why is my computer frozen? ( know any free online IT help forums?)

My fiance's notebook has been freezing up lately. If you really want to know the details, they're available here. What I'd really like to know is if anyone has some recommendations for good online IT help forums that would at least help me to rule out quick fixes before I decide to to go with reformatificationalism of the ol' hard drive?
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I don't know of any good free online IT help forums, but, since you suspect the driver you installed might've done something, I suggest you use XP's System Restore feature (assuming you have it turned on) to restore your system to its state before you installed it. If that doesn't fix it, I'd suggest reinstalling Windows next, and if that doesn't work, reformat the hard drive.
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Response by poster: @cerebus19: Already tried the system restore, so I guess that rules out the driver. You're right about trying to reinstall windows though before I go for the reformat. Thanks!
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Start with downloading the memtest and let that run.
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I'll agree with cerebus19 except when you reinstall windows you really should be reformatting anyway.
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Response by poster: @Ferraro328: Thanks for the link.

@cellphone: Really? Is that based on a time argument (takes just as long to do both), or more of a precautionary measure?
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Could be bad memory or a video card problem. As ferrari said, Memtest will help you diagnose the former.
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Sometimes good, sometime useless,
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Best answer: @zackola: Awesome! This is exactly the type of resource I was looking for.

Any other sites like this out there?
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Submit your question to google groups. You can even ask on the official microsoft newsgroups.

Considering its a Dell, you might be able to just call them up or search their website if you are no longer in warranty. Considering its only 5 months old, you should be in warranty.
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Best answer: Try the support forums at Computing.Net.
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Response by poster: @damn dirty ape: Google Groups, Of course! (slap forehead)

@Otis: Great link, thanks.
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I know of a fantastic website, but they charge $5 to register new accounts.
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