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Which U.S. colleges/universities have well-regarded programs in arts management? Are any of them in Wisconsin or Illinois?

Since the idea to research arts management degrees just popped into my head today, I won't rule out great programs in other parts of the country. I'd just like to know about good programs close to home.

Do any of you have educational backgrounds in this area? Do you think getting your degree in this field is worth it?
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This isn't in the US, but I'm currently doing a submajor in Creative Industries Management in QUT in Australia. It's one of the most fascinating things I've done. The pre-reqs (Marketing and Staging Australia - Australian theater history) were a bit naff (Marketing was OK but Staging was useless) but the current eponymous subject I'm taking is really really interesting material.

We learn about how arts organizations are managed on a smaller scale and a larger macro scale, how peak bodies and national bodies work, how would you go about getting support for your project, and so on. It helps that my CI Management lecturer is also very knowledgable and passionate about the subject.

I'd say go for it! I'm not much of a degree/university person but I found this particular subject to be very valuable and compelling.
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Totally not anywhere near WI or IL, but Drexel in Philly has an Master's program in Arts Administration.

This is the sort of Master's you get in order to move from a mid-level position to a more senior management position. You'd be overqualified for an entry-level job in this field with a Master's. But if you went straight from undergrad to this program, you would lack the professional experience and connections required for a mid-level job.

Depending upon your intended outcome, you may also want to look into museum studies programs.
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Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh has a good program in arts management. I have one friend who went through it and loves it and uses the degree in a job she loves.
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School of the Art Institute in Chicago has a program (very $$$ though) and I bet Columbia C. has one too. I'm thinking you are looking for an MA? But my understanding is that an MBA is sometimes for helpful depending on what you want to do with your studies.
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UCLA has a program. I knew someone who went through it and wound up working at the Getty. I remember her talking about the movie producer course - it was all about getting and scheduling props and locations.
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University of Wisconsin Parkside has a certificate program.
The University of Wisconsin Madison has a highly regarded MBA program at the Bolz Center for Arts Administration.
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Oh yeah, just as a clarification: my submajor was part of a Bachelors of Creative Industries (Interdisplinary) degree.
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