Any suggestions on contacting video game companies regarding a fund raiser?
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Any suggestions on contacting video game companies regarding a fund raiser? (MI)

As I posted in an earlier question, my wife and I are throwing a video-game party as a fundraiser for her school. Now that we have someone who won the party, we are in the final planning stages for it. I would like to have posters, prizes, etc. for this party, as the winning bidder donated $450 to the school for this. I am going to make the whole area into a virtual arcade, and would like to see if video game companies, especially those local to the Bay Area, would be willing to donate items. Has anyone ever tried this? Who do I contact and how do I find them? I have a few weeks, but would like to try and make some arrangements this week. Bonus points for anything that makes this event particularly unique, as we will be auctioning the same thing again next year.
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You can contact local Video Game retail stores (try Google Local) and speak with a manager to find out if they'd be interested in donating prizes (gift certificates, hardware, software, etc.).

They will likely be interested because it gives them a chance to advertise their business to a group of kids (surely their target market). Tell them this.

I think you'll have more sucess targeting local, independent video game stores. I'd even go as far as writing up a "press release" for the fund raiser that describes exactly what you're doing, and where the money you're raising will go. I'm sure they'll want to know that.

Hope this helps!
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You might want to ask someone at Gamasutra if they'd post an ad in their weekly newsletter, which is aimed specifically at people in the gaming industry. You could also try asking the Penny Arcade guys if they have any contacts they'd be willing to share. I'm always amazed at how much they raise with their Child's Play drive.
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