How Can I Find the Album for a Particular Song?
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Music Search Techniques: Is there an easier/more effective way to find the title of a CD/album when you only know the artist and the song title?

I wanted to buy Frank Sinatra's song, "It Was A Very Good Year." I searched iTunes. No luck. (Well, karaoke only.) So I searched Amazon. No luck. So I tried Amazon's advanced search. No luck. Then, I searched Amazon's music category for ALL of Frank Sinatra's works. Looked inside each album (yes, I still call them albums.) Finally found the song. It's on "Sinatra Reprise: The Very Good Years."

There has to be a better way.

And I really don't want to buy the entire album, just the one song. Does anyone have a better idea?

Also, ten points if you tell me where i can buy the opening theme to Bill Maher's show,"Real Time".

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Couldn't tell you where to buy individual tracks, but you can search by song on the Gracenote (formerly CDDB) database.
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I just googled:
"frank sinatra" "it was a very good year" album
The first link gives the album it was originally released on ("September of My Years", 1965), and the second link gives the Amazon page you found.
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An easy, generic way to search for albums on which your desired song(s) appear is to do a Google search like this:

(song name) + (artist name) + "album"...

i.e. Just type the word "album" alongside your known artist and your known song name... And Google will tell you what album(s) the song appears on...

Sorry, I don't have an answer to the second part of your question (about buying).
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It's on over 10 of his albums. Search for the song at then go to page two of the results and scroll down to Sinatra to see the album titles.
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Arrgh. Just read the rest of your multipart question. I don't think Frank's albums are available by song, digitally.
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There's a public-licenced version of CDDB called freedb . You can search it here.
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I use for tracking down music data, seldom fails me.
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dobbs, iTunes seems to have a lot of Sinatra available by the song (not the song the poster were looking for in particular, though).
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Another plug for; it's pretty handy (when the server is being responsive).
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. You guys rock!
(Oh, bad pun. Sorry. But thanks!)
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I probably would Google sinatra "very good year" discography, but that's just my steez. It looks like it's on about 543789 records of his.
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