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Are there any reliable, timely news alerts for the Seattle area that I can have emailed to me?

I'd like to set up, or subscribe to, something that will email me with important breaking news in the greater Seattle area. I use Google news alerts for other purposes, but they cast rather a wide net, even when I try to narrow down the search. What I'm looking for would, for example, send me an alert if there's a gunfight somewhere nearby, but not the latest crime statistics or gun-control editorials. Any ideas or useful links? Thanks!
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Best answer: Here are all the feeds that the Post-Intelligencer offers — choose your broadcast or narrowcast. These are browser (RSS) feeds, of course.

If you don't mind registering, PIMail will send updates to your inbox.
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Response by poster: Hmm, thanks, rob511. I'll try the "breaking news" alerts.
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They are pretty good about sending the breaking news alerts in a timely manner. They could maybe send more of them, but I've been pretty happy with the service.
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