What's with the white stuff in my yam?
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What's this milky white liquid in my yam?

When we cut up a yam for dinner tonight, tiny beads of a milky white liquid appeared on the cut surfaces. I don't think I've ever seen this before. Here's a picture.

The yam smells normal. What's with the white stuff? Is it safe to eat?
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That's normal- just starchy plant liquids.
posted by oneirodynia at 6:17 PM on April 14, 2007

Since it's all around the edge, and pretty regularly spaced, I'd guess it's yam sap.

No idea what that would mean about its edibility, I've never had yams.
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Your sweet potato is oozing sweet potato sap from its vascular bits. I've never paid it any mind, and I've eaten a lot of sweet potatoes over the years. It doesn't seem to have any effect on their deliciousness.
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The same happens to me when I've cut open yams before. I never worried about it and I'm still here!
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Thanks, everyone! I ate the yam, and it was delicious.
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My mom used to tell me this meant the yam was extra sweet. I have no idea whether this is true.
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Thats not where I thought this question was going.
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Its starch. Like Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes ect just much more.
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I looked at your pic and it was then I noticed had been said. I lived with Tongan farmers for a time. They grew all kinds of Sweet Potatoes and Yams and from your pic I'd say that was S'Potatoe. Yams were white and a little bit stringy in texture like a Pumpkin. If you liked it definitely try the ones from New Zealand they're bright purple and white inside. They're very good. The best I've ever had and haven't seen anywhere but the farm was called ???Golden??? it's two words one of them golden and completely escapes me they look like Kartoffel Potatoes but are a deep squash yellow and they are devine!!
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