Thick, well-made sweatshirts
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My favorite sweatshirt company has gone out of business - who else makes quality, thick sweatshirts?

I have a collection of sweatshirts with college logos on them, all made by a brand called "Galt Sand." They're fantastic - thick, but not lined with an extra layer; not hooded, no extra pocket in the front... Just a great-feeling, thick sweatshirt. Galt Sand, however, was bought out by Starter in 1996 (that may demonstrate the quality of these shirts, I've been wearing them almost every day since the early 90s). But they're getting old, and starting to show their age.

Is anyone else familiar with this brand? Any ideas where I could find similarly-made shirts, or who makes them?

Advance thanks.
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Carhartt makes some nice sweatshirts in mid- and heavy-weight. If the college-logo thing is a dealbreaker, though, that might be a problem.
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Response by poster: The college-logo thing isn't a dealbreaker at all - Galt Sand just had a penchant for college logos. Anything (or nothing) could be on the shirt, as far as I'm concerned. :)
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Champion makes good stuff.
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For years, my favorite sweatshirts have been from the Daniel Cremieux line. I buy mine at Dillard's but the website has a list of stores. There are just a few sweatshirts in the Cremieux line, but they are very comfortable and last for years. I can't find any for sale online, but it might be worth a trip to your local mall. Good luck.
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My Darling Wife reccomends American Apparel and Hanes' 'Beefy Tee'. If you're willing to dye-it-yourself, Dharma Trading Company offers blanks at good prices and good quality.
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Seconding American Apparel, love their stuff!
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Look for Champion Reverse Weave. It's a college bookstore staple.
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American Apparel sweatshirts are nice, but not heavyweight unless you buy the thermal lined London Hoodie.
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Dunderdon makes very nice heavy sweatshirts as well.
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lululemon athletica - a bit more expensive but completely worth it. these sweatshirts will change your life.
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The greatest sweatshirt I have ever owned is the NFL Equipment sueded hoodie my wife bought me last Christmas. Thick, warm, unbelievably comfortable. I wish I could figure out how to get the same material without paying the NFL premium.
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