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I'm considering a web project that would be a day-by-day chronicle of a historical period. My primary sources would be 2-3 books that are day-by-day accounts of the period. Can I use the facts from the books if I use my own words? I would list the books as references on the site.
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Sounds to me that what you're doing is called "research", and should be completely okay, although stating your original source material in a bibliography on the site somewhere would probably be the proper thing to do.
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extensive quoting of text can be considered an example of copyright infringement, even if quotations marks are used - or if the original text is paraphrased.

even in the spirit of academic "fair use", it appears that more brazen forms of copying from books - say in a xeroxed coursepack, or access to online copies - is also not allowed.
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(Oh, and obviously referencing direct quotes etc. if you choose to use them.)
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Can I use the facts from the books if I use my own words?

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Yes. If you are using your own words, you don't even need to list your sources, although it's certainly good manners to do so.
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What everyone else said.

If it's possible to supplement the information with some interviews or other original research, that may make your site more interesting.
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Also, if the historical books are pre-1923, they're fair game. But you probably already knew that.
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Re: Alt F4, the books may not be under copyright, but the reason you cite is not because you are using copyrighted material from another source, but because you are using ideas from the other source. The "crime" you commit by not citing is plagiarism, not copyright infringement.
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jbb7 - right. But he said in his question that he'd be "list[ing] the books as references on the site." So the citation's covered. I was simply addressing his concern about fair use.
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