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Last year, I used H&R Block's web site to file my taxes. At the time, I was working on a PC laptop. Now, I'm using Mac, and none of the h&r tax filing apps are rendering properly. I tried using Firefox, Safari, Explorer, and Opera to no avail. Are there any 'free file Companies' on the web for Mac-Users?
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Best answer: I've used TaxAct the past few years (on a Mac) with no problems.
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TaxACT works fine in Safari. While the federal return is "Totally FREE" the state is $13, but I think that's normal.
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state returns from H&R Block are $30 so thats definately an improvement.
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I used TaxSlayer.
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I used Turbo Tax with OS X and Firefox. No problems except a slight shifting of the content on the page when I renamed the PDF to print out for my records/to mail. If you don't rename it, it prints out fine. (And I did rename it after printing because it still shows up fine on screen and I doubt I'll be audited. Knock wood.)
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Hmm, that's odd, I've used H&R Block on OS X for my taxes for the last 3 years and have never had any trouble. I've always used either Camino or Safari.

What exactly happens when you try to use it?
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Used H&R this year with firefox on a Mac- no problems at all.
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Ditto for Firefox on Mac w/H&R Block.
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TurboTax w/OS X and Firefox. No problems whatsoever.
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Ditto. Try turning off plugins and popup-blocker.
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I used H&R Block in Safari this year and had no problems at all. In what way does it not render correctly?
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I'm using TaxAct on my mac right now, and it's working great.
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I've had no problems with H&R Block on Firefox; have you recently updated to the new version?
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