What site do you recommend for finding lyrics?
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"When a woman learns to walk, she's not dependent anymore; a line from her letter May 24."
An excerpt of lyrics from The Go-Betweens. What site do you recommend for finding lyrics? There seems to be about 4 billion lyric sites.
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Google. "Song name" lyrics. e.g.
posted by DevilsAdvocate at 11:58 AM on March 24, 2004

DA beat me to it. It s the only search I use for lyrics.
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That's what I did and am hoping to get input from people who have found a not-too-annoying but reliable site for lyrics. Song of the ones returned from a Google search are not good. But I realize you are the DevilsAdvocate. See related MeTa thread.
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See previous thread here.
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I found the lyrics here. I put the lyrics in quotes and it was the 3rd one down on google.

I never use the same lyrics site twice. Instead I'll usually use DevilsAdvocate's method. I have pop ups and ads turned off on my browser so I usually just get the song I'm looking for without the annoyances that plague a lot of lyrics sites.
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See related MeTa thread.

My response was meant in a "here's a Google technique you may not be aware of and may find useful" spirit, not a "you idiot, why didn't you search Google" spirit. But I see that it may not have come off that way, and for that I apologize.
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Thanks, trillion. I looked through the archives but I missed that one.
DA, apology accepted and after reading the linked thread from trillion, I realize why people just primarily use Google.
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lyrics.net.ua has one of the nicest interfaces I've seen, although their coverage is a little spotty, and no popups.
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I described my method for finding lyrics (while avoiding pop-up hell) in the Google lessons Ask MeFi thread. Adding filetype:txt to your search ensures the results will be primarily* text files.

Mozilla is configured to prevent all of the aforementioned annoyances, but I'll use this method if providing a link that other non-Moz users might visit.

* There are some sites that employ server parsing procedures that render files with a .txt extension as HTML/PHP/etc., so it's not a complete airtight method.
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