More progressive, younger seders in San Francisco?
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Seders in San Francisco? My partner and I are looking for a Passover gathering in the Bay Area that is focused on a younger (25-40), more progressive crowd. We're frankly a little tired of the same old seder with her family and want to meet more young people who, like us, may be actively constructing or redefining their Jewishness.
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.~?X?email Sarah of this place--she's in SF, and seems like fun...I'm sure she'd recommend somewhere good. : >
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that was weird-- "I would email" is what it should say.
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i've found it really challenging to connect with a young jewish community in the bay area - that said, there are a number of progressive jewish communities here. a few places to start:

- beyt tikkun is having a seder - this is the community run by michael lerner of tikkun magazine.

- generally has decent listings

- the jcc has a program called the hub which is aimed at a younger, more progressive crowd. they sometimes have holiday-related events...

feel free to email me if you want more info on what i've found here in sf.
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Have you checked in with Sha'ar Zahav? They seem to be the youngest most progressive temple in San Francisco. Disclaimer - I've never been - but I keep meaning to as I've heard a bunch of good things.
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.~?X?email Sarah

Freaky, amberglow... I thought was some new emoticon I was supposed to know. These tips look like nice places, all of them. I dig Michael Lerner, and this year would be good one to hear him speak his mind. Still, I must confess that we are holding out hope for something that isn't in a community center and doesn't cost more than $30, unless there's a kick-ass DJ. I'll try contacting Sarah.
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