GTD Wallet for less?
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I saw on the David Allen (GTD) website a very nice sized wallet with a notepad build in. However, at $89 it's kinda expensive. "The wallet’s compact 3” x 4 3/4 “ design features 2 compartments for holding up to 5 cards, with 2 additional full size pockets for cash , receipts, or business cards. The wallet fits comfortably in your suit, jeans pocket or bag. " Where can I find a similarly sized walled/notepad combo for less?
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This or this aren't much cheaper ($58), but I've been eyeing them for a good while. I have the shirt-pocket briefcase that the style of notebook wallet is based on, and though I never use it, it's no fault of the product's. Nice leather, durable. I'm sure the wallet versions are faboo.

I personally just get by with post-its everywhere.
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I am sure you would find some great ideas as to where to get something like this for WAY cheaper than even $58 on DIY Planner ... they are all GTD fanatics who come up with great solutions to make portable note-takers and all that jazz.
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Buy a small rectangular pad of post it notes that would fit a regular wallet and just slip the card backing into one of the credit card slots. Voila.
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The All-ett is cheap and could accommodate a 3"x5" pad, which would cover 2 of the 4 credit card pockets. (It's what I carry, though I haven't put a pad in it.)
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A normal bi-fold wallet with a small moleskine notebook works well for me. I use a Lamy pico pen with that.
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I buy blank business cards and stick them in my normal wallet. They're roughly credit card sized, so they'll fit in most wallets.

Then I use this pen , which also fits in my wallet.

I've always got a pen with me, and always got paper. It's lovely!
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Levenger makes good stuff. Their pocket briefcases might work.
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I think I ended up buying it from some place in China, but it looks like they're here. It included 3 pads, and a pretty crappy pen. I replaced the pen with a space pin, but the overall system works great. has them for $39, and has them for $14.95, but they're out of stock.

Hope that helps. Happy GTDing.
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P.s. I've had mine 2 years or more. It's holding up fine.
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wflanagan: was there a link in your comment? It reads like it, but nothing made it through.
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Pretty sure wflanagan meant this.
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How about the picopad for four bucks?
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Office depot has a wallet just like the levanger for 15 buck that I bought. It works just fine.

Here are some others thoughts on it.
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Buy a small rectangular pad of post it notes that would fit a regular wallet

Also, if you cut 3x5 cards into three 3"x1.66" cards, they're just smaller than a credit card, and fit nicely in those slots.
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Johnston and Murphy made a very similar product to the David Allen one, which is about $30. I have it, and it works pretty well. The major difference from the DavidCo one is that the pen isn't collapsable. Instead, it's stubby, although it's metal and feels pretty good for a short pen. Unfortunately it's not listed in their catalog anymore, however I see it's available from ebags and a few other places. I'm not sure where you would get the notepad refills from anymore. I anticipated that this might be a problem and bought a big supply of notepads from them. You might try calling them and asking if they have any more of the notepads.
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