Statues atop Episcopal churches?
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Do Episcopal churches ever have statues of saints, e.g., Saint George, atop their steeples? Thanks.
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Though the Episcopal Church isn't as averse to iconography (idolatry ;-) as the other Protestant sects (due somewhat to it's "middle way" nature) I cannot honestly recall ever seing a statue of a Saint atop the church structure, and I've been to quite a few of them in my day.
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Don't know about saints, but re: your example St George's Bloomsbury has a statue of King George (the First) on top of its steeple.
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Ever? Probably. Generally, no.

While an Episcopal Calendar will list "Saints'" days it does not venerate them in the way Catholicism does. There is a strain of Anglicanism known as Anglo-Catholicism which is theologically and liturgically much closer to Catholicism. These would be more likely to be topped with a Saint, but there is no guarantee.

I would think it would be less likely in Anglican churches in Africa and the rest of the Global South and most likely in Great Britain and more likely in the US and Australia.
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Not a saint, but the National Cathedral has a gargoyle shaped like Darth Vader.
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Thanks to all who responded. I appreciate it.
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