How can I locate old / limited release CD?
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Is there a good place, repository, store, outlet from which to acquire music CDs that are long out of print or short run?

Among some other things, I have been looking for a couple of EPs by early 90s Seattle power pop band, The Best Kissers in the World. I have sought high and low, search engines, direct from their record labels for many a year, but have come up dry. Has anyone found a reliable source for locating such obscure music short of using one of those illegal Russian sites that I keep hearing about?
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As a matter of fact, I have and do all the time, b1tr0t. I have found tons of buried treasure using that method, just have been SOL on a few items I have been looking for. Seems like the web is a better bet for this kind of thing, but so far that has not proved demonstrably true.
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Ebay has worked for me many times. If a search doesn't turn up anything one month try again the next. Are you looking for one of these?
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Thanks bobobox. That's not a bad selection from a band with a very limited output, but still not finding the one I was looking for. It was the eponymous debut EP with "Vicodine" and "Hungover Together" on it. Alas, the search continues.
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Try GEMM and Discogs Marketplace. Also Amazon seems to have a few copies available of this one and that one.
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Hm... I don't know why I didn't think to look at Amazon again. Seems to me I had tried on many occasions before and found nothing. Thanks, mkb.
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Discogs. Two members of the community have the Best Kissers in the World EP. I am not a member there and don't really know how it works but it looks like just what you want.
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whoops, need to preview
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Also, not specifically for your needs, I have 2 tips in general for people seeking used CDs:

1) The always reliable SecondSpin - I've been using the service since 1998 and I've never had any problems with it (Brazilian customs, however, are whole different story).

They also sell DVDs and games. Tough a biy more mainstream, from time to time you find some rarities.

2) Usually you can find some kind of commerce among dedicated groups of fans. I've got a specific record from The Men They Couldn't Hang from a member of the mail list that had a small business of buying and selling memorabilia and records from other fans.

Hope you get what you want. Best of luck.
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