Any information on Mario Rivoli?
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Where can I find information and images on the Web of work by American artist Mario Rivoli (b. 1943 in NYC - now based in Denver CO)? Haven't been able to find much - there's this article but little more. Done all the usual Googling and gotten nowhere. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated.
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There are some images of work here, here, here, and here, although i couldn't find a good source of information.
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Edward T. Pollack Fine Arts has a collection of 12 Mario Rivoli drawings from the 1960's that seem available for purchase, with web-accessible thumbnails and larger images when clicked. Also on the page is an small biographical blurb which has a brief description of his work, its inclusion in distinguished collections and a book, and where he exhibits. If you have a spare $375.00-$850.00 it looks like you can get an original work of his (assuming the listing is current and accurate).

The page doesn't appear to be indexed by Google. Not sure why, but there could be a lot of reasons for that.
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