Who are your favorite Etsy artists who sell large-ish prints at reasonable prices?
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Who are your favorite Etsy artists who sell large-ish prints at reasonable prices?

First, I have seen this excellent question. I do like some of the stuff on Charmingwall and 20x200, but Etsy seems to be the place to go for cute 18x24, 16x20 size prints that don't cost an arm and a leg.

Our room is bright, bright white, so we've decorated it with a colorful palette to mitigate the hospital tones. I have a pretty varied taste, and have landed on a few prints, some too expensive and others too small, while making the decision, but I'd love to know of any other artists.
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Sarah Frary is having a print sale right now, like this 11x14 print for $10. That one is colorful and tame, but her other work can be dark.
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It might be worth your while (and theirs) to ask the artists who make too-small prints, if they can make larger versions. They may well be able to accommodate you, and be glad to know some demand is there for larger pieces.
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I believe Blurrylens Photography on Etsy will work with you on sizes, as well as matting, framing and so forth.
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Shameless self plug: I run Black Cap Arts and all of my photos are available in large print sizes, matted or unmatted. I am happy to negotiate a price that is affordable for you.
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I don't know how you feel about pre-owned prints, but the Vintage section of Etsy has some interesting stuff. One of the pieces I ended up buying after posting the question you link to was a framed illustration from an antique anatomy book. It cost $16 and it's pretty cool. If you're into botanical/scientific prints, vintage modern art, or weird kitschy things, it's worth a look.
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Stukenborg's dice letterpress prints have been getting some attention lately. They're really bright and look great from across the room. I got a 14x18 one a few weeks ago for $30, but it looks like his prices have gone up a bit since then. A couple of the 8x11 would look good framed together if you don't want to shell out for the bigger prints.
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Gennine's Art Store is really wonderful. She is a wonderful artist in Mexico who does mixed-media artwork that she sells as prints.
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Best answer: Almost anything can be colorful and be put on a wall.

My suggestion would be to only buy art you love, and don't cheap out on it when you find something great. Art can move with you, influence your future furniture, and be really special. It doesn't have to be of course, but I would urge you to put things up that you already have (or get crafty) until you find art you really care about and connect with rather than buying random art that happens to be the right size and right price.

I particularly like this DIY project, which you can make more colorful by painting the tp rolls.

And now... I will answer the question you asked:
Rosie's Music ( I like the green umbrella for you)
Abby Blaine (photography, I like the blue and brown)
MichelleDigital (green tea cups)
zukzuk (all of them are awesome and bright)
Nesta (NY-centric, try this one)
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With a little research you should be able to get any Walker Evans print from when he was in the FSA. These are actually publicly owned, so you would only pay printing costs.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much, everyone. I ended up choosing a print ("Color Study #3") at Madara Hill's website, a mefi user who kindly linked me to her blog via memail. But I love all the suggestions, and am investigating into getting some medical prints for the next time I have extra money to spend on wall ornamentation.
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