I want to write once, get paid twice
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I have written a couple of travel/food articles for large U.S. newspapers. Once they are published, I am free to resell them. The questions: Where? How?

The papers have the right to publish the pieces first in North America and then I can basically do what I want with them. I understand that a lot of places won't take reprints. But some places must.

I'm thinking non-U.S. markets might be a good bet. Any ideas on reselling these pieces (perhaps with minor modifications) in, say, the U.K.? Or translating them into Spanish and selling them in Spain or Latin America? Is it going to be complicated tax-wise or otherwise by the fact that I'm a U.S.ian?

The resale price tag wouldn't need to be huge. I will have already made all the money I expected to make off the pieces. It's just a matter of squeezing every last drop of income from them.
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Try Planet Syndication, IFA (International Feature Agency), or any other syndication organisation. You'll lose 50 % of the fee to them as a commission, but they have a worldwide network of editors and translators.

You can try to build your own network, but my experience is that it's just too much hassle to keep your contacts up to date. Also, you'll lose a lot of time drawing blanks.
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