Where can I find a recipe for making my own fruitsnacks like the generic ones you find in stores?
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Where can I find a recipe for making my own fruitsnacks like the generic ones you find in stores?

I'm looking for a recipe for the fruit snacks that come in those small plastic packs from stop & shop or other grocery stores that are shaped like dinosaurs or smiley faces etc. I've looked online but I can only find recipes for natural healthy fruit snacks. I'm not looking for those, just for the chewy fruit snacks that rot your teeth and that are probably bad for you and loaded with sugar etc.
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Aren't those basically...candy? Something like this is probably close. (Disclaimer: I know nothing about making candy, that was just the least fancy google result for "jelly candy recipe").
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I can't wait for someone to post back with a recipe so I can go make some right now.

Every single person I know is getting a bag of homemade fruit snacks for Christmas this year.
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These are the closest thing I know of, and are best with a food dehydrator, though I imagine you could google around a bit and find a modification for doing the recipe in a very slow oven. I've made them once in a dehydrator and vaguely remember them being good though not as strongly flavored as the commercial kind. The Clear-Jel can be challenging to find.
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I know of this recipe for Raspberry Jelly Candy. I haven't tried it exactly, but I did successfully alter it to make ginger candy. You could substitute in whatever flavor extract you want. And the canning "season" is starting, so pectin will be easier to find.

I just cut the candy into squares, the way the recipe says to, which isn't as cute as dinosaurs, or smiley faces. If you wanted to, you could use candy molds which are cheap and available in craft stores. But you have to lightly oil the mold which I find changes the flavor somewhat.
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