Where to find clip art of ballerinas and rainbows?
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Anyone know where to find nice images (clip art or otherwise) of rainbows and ballerinas?

I am helping a friend paint her daughters' rooms in her new house tomorrow. The girls want a rainbow on the wall of one room and a ballerina on the other. We have an opaque projector to use, so I'm looking for images that could be easily copied, almost cartoonish I guess. No shading or anything like that. But I'd like to find cool ones! Since it's just for the house we can grab the images from anywhere, but I don't even know where to start...thanks!!!
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You've already tried Google Image Search, right?
posted by box at 12:07 PM on March 14, 2007

http://dgl.microsoft.com - It's supposed to be for MS documents only, but you can take a screen cap and capture the clip art / image.
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A one-week subscription to Clipart.com is only $18. They'll probably have the biggest selection. Try doing a couple of searches and see if you find anything you like.
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Response by poster: Yes, I tried google image search thanks. A lot of junk comes up, I need a more specific recommendation.
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Try girlie books (not THAT kind!) from the library.
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Spend 20 minutes browsing MySpace profiles...?
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Have you looked at Microsoft Clipart?

Also, DaFont's "dingbats" work very well as graphics because the "letters" are essentially scalable vector files (i.e. they look good blown up big). Butterflies, more butterflies, and fun kids fonts.
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istockphoto.com is great. Photos start at a buck each (price depends on the resolution you want.)

rainbows and ballerinas
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