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Barn dance/ceilidh in Derbyshire: looking for a recommended ceilidh or barn dance group come play at my wedding reception.

I'm looking for a full group who can play for a few hours in the evening, before the obligatory duff wedding DJ. I've found plenty of bands with websites but I have no idea who's good or bad.

We're looking for an entertaining band, that can motivate the crowds into joining in (rather than just play music). They need to be able to come to Derbyshire to play. Any good recommendations or experiences?
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I have fond memories of Oscar the Frog, although it's twenty years since I've seen them.
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Could try Mike Ruff who plays a lot of barn dances with his bands, seems to be very well regarded, and I can vouch that he's a really nice guy.
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Redwing were v good at a wedding I went to a couple of years ago. They are based in South and the website implies that they won't go as far as Derbyshire, but they're likely to have good contacts and are prob worth speaking to.
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You might be better off asking on a website for traditional musicians, like The Session: (I'm assuming you want Irish traditional, but I'm sure there are similar sites for Scottish and other traditions.)
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