Gift for new father from the wife?
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Suggestions for a present from a wife to husband to celebrate the birth of their new baby?

Wife is going to give birth soon and wants to get a gift to commemorate the birth for the husband. Rings, necklaces, watches are out. Something unique, memorable and lasting. Wife should figure this out herself, but unfortunately, is suffering from "pregnancy brain" and needs a push in the right direction. More bits - first baby, wife and husband in mid-thirties, it's a boy!
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A tattoo. On him. Of the male symbol.
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This is not unique, memorable or lasting... but a new camera is a great (though standard) gift for a new dad. Bonus points if you remember to pack it on the big day! I left mine in the car.
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600 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets last years, if laundered properly. Have 'em embroidered with somethin' fitting the occasion. Just spitballin' here...
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Plant a tree?
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Oh, and if you do decide to go with a camera, there are two criteria:
1) low-light performance
2) speed (latency from 'click' to shot)
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Tickets for the two of them to (insert favorite sporting or otherwise child friendly event here) for some number of years from now? I'm not sure if that's even possible so long down the road, but it would be something great to look forward too and a nice memory afterwards of the first time they ever did [whatever] together.
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Husband might think of baby as enough of gift from wife. You can't deny that they are unique, memorable, and lasting.
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I like the tree idea. The kid will really like seeing his tree get bigger as he grows up.
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Buy a baby outfit and a matching adult outfit. My husband loved this. Take a picture and frame it. Memories last forever.
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Seconding the suggestion from true, but make it an event you can both go to in about 2 - 3 months from the birth. If this is your first child, the next few weeks are going to be pretty demanding on both of you and you'll hardly have time for each other. By 2 months, you'll be able to leave the little one with someone for several hours. Make the plans now to go on a date with your husband.
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i'm saddened that she doesn't think the baby is enough.

there is always the plaster casts of the baby's feet and hands. enquire at your local baby store who will do it for you.

but as a recent parent, the one with the cold nipples in the himalayas if you were reading last month..... i thought the baby was more than enough.

best of luck, and don't forget to stop and smell the roses/baby.

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I second the new camera idea, having bought one for my DH when my baby was born. But a new pillow or bed would have been nice too.
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Or a videocamera, if he already has a good still camera.

Less expensive would be a nice framed print, maybe one from StoryPeople.

Or a nice framed version of this essay? Maybe in one of those frames with a dual matte, into which could be put a photo of Dad and newborn...

Or a handpainted box with a quote about fatherhood on top, with the baby's birthday and name inside and a special message...
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New dad here....little things my wife has given to me that I treasure:

1. My own baby bag (messenger bag) that's not all frou-frou, like her Mom's half dozen bags.

2. Baby picture in a frame for my office. It was cheap and easy for her to do, but I love showing our daughter off to coworkers and clients.

3. Daddy-oriented clothes...I love Daddy, My Dad Rocks, My Daddy Trains Harder than Your daddy (I'm a road cyclist on the weekends).

4. I love the tree idea, and I've planted one in our front yard already.

5. The ability to leave the house and do things on my own...not a tangible gift, but a few hours away from formula and poo diapers is a blessing.

6. She keeps pressing me to write a diary/journal to our daughter about our family, what's going on in the world right now, family/friends she might not ever meet, etc. I have the book and written some, but Mom's pressure is what I need to keep at it.
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i like the tree and the messenger/diaper bag!
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Ditto on the bag. I don't know of places that make diaper bags specifically for guys but there have to be ones out there. The Chickpea Baby bags look great (sister site of Queenbee). A couple of them are masculine enough for a guy. Or maybe a Timbuk2. A quick Google search yeilds DadGear
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I thought that going through the discomfort of gestation and horrid experience of birth would be enough of a sacrifice that no additional gifts would be necessary=)
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