Aural psychedelia without shrooms or acid?
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Can you recommend some music with some of the psychedelic qualities of the Love and Rockets album Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven?

I'm listening to Love And Rockets album Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven. It's been a favorite album for years. I think going back to it's original release, in fact. It suddenly occurs to me that one thing I very much like about the album is the psychedelic character. It's the drums, fuzzy noisy (but not My Bloody Valentine like) guitars and the treatments of the overall sound. It's somewhat trippy. This is how I hear it at least. Can you recommend anything based on this description?

I'm not looking for more Love and Rockets, Bauhaus, Peter Murphy, David J, Daniel Ash, etc. I have the recordings related to most every project that has come from these four gentlemen (if I don't have it now I will likely have it in the near future). I will say that if you are aware of work any of them were producers on or were otherwise involved in that meets this request for aural psychedelia I'll entertain that.

It can be new, old or in between. What can you give me that is psychedelic without the need for me to take shrooms or acid? What am I missing?
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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
The first Placebo album.
Anything by Ride
Say Hi To Your Mom
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the Dukes of Stratosphear were similar.
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Do you think Galaxie 500 might be your thing? I've been listening to On Fire a lot recently, and songs like "Strange" remind of Earth-Sun-Moon but a lot weirder (...and more nasal).
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Happy Nightmare Baby by Opal. All the mp3s on that MySpace page are from the Early Recordings album which is a lot quieter, acousticy, and countrified. HNBaby has more distorted electric guitars for a more psychedelic-country-folk-rock feel. As both are long OOP you can either Soulseek them with a clear conscience or pay out the nose for a second hand copy. You can pick up singer Kendra Smith's solo CD cheap though.

Galaxie 500 (best first CD probably On Fire) and their better offshoot Damon & Naomi (I like all their CDs but probably "Wonderful World of..." the least) have more rock-drums with acoustic guitar base and searing psychedlic rock guitar on top with vocal harmonies. And most were produced by Kramer of Bongwater, also worth checking out. All of the above are more American sounding than L&R though.
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Producers aren't something I keep a mental catalog of, so forgive me if these should be excluded based on what you said above:

Jesus and Mary Chain - PsychoCandy and Darklands
Broken Social Scene
early Cocteau Twins
The Golden Palominos
Mazzy Star
certain Yo La Tengo albums
the first Breeder's album
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The first and second albums by These Immortal Souls also have that certain retro-psychedelic-folk-rock sound with keyboards reminiscent of Ray Manzarek of the Doors, but Rowland's voice is a bit of an acquired taste.
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Swervedriver is kind of psychedelic pop (99th dream is a great album). And maybe Love Spirals Downward (the early stuff is very Cocteau Twins-esque), or Lush.
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Loads of good answers here. Despite being pretty familiar with (if not a fan of) of many of the bands listed in the answers I didn't really think of them in this regard. In case it helps I'll point those out:

Galaxie 500
Yo La Tengo
Mazzy Statr
Cocteau Twins
Golden Palominos
Kendra Smith
Duke's of Stratosphear
Jesus and Mary Chain

(thanks all, please keep the answers coming)
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Dream Academy? Brian Eno?
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Anything by the Legendary Pink Dots.
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Coil took lots of psychedelic drugs and endeavored to make excepionally trippy music with some success, although it was less the mellow-ecstatic trippy of SDoTH and more introspective or even bad-trip-trippy. And they were mostly electronic, instead of guitar-rock based instrumentation. But if it's psychedelic you want....most recommend Love's Secret Domain (video for the single Windowpane).

Or you could type the songtitles from SDOTH into Pandora and see what it comes up with.

On preview: seconding the Legendary Pink Dots, perhaps starting with the Maria Dimension or Crushed Velvet Apocalypse.
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Horseblind, just trying to get the direction you want to go in..what about Catherine Wheel (Black Metallic)? Is that going the right way or the wrong way?
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Yeah and Martin E. brings up a good you want to stay guitars or go into electronics? Because then I'd start saying things like Psychic TV.

What about This Mortal Coil?
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Oh! How I like This Mortal Coil. Guitars and electronics are both good. Seventh Dream has a certain organic feel to me (for lack of better words). Balck Metallic could certainly be in the right direction, it just seems to be slightly lacking in the trippy part.
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I'm going to have to go home and shuffle through my record collection because I think you have all the obvious and first tier lesser obvious choices covered.

How about His Name is Alive?
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Sorry I keep popping back in here like this but I keep thinking about this. How about Cabaret Voltaire?
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Spacemen 3 and Chrome are the two that come to mind. And were those the "wrong" answers that you highlighted, or the right ones?
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The Tear Garden, which is an offshoot of the Legendary Pink Dots and Skinny Puppy, may be worth a shot as well, particularly The Last Man to Fly. Not as pop-oriented as L&R, they're more like a gothic Pink Floyd.
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What I higlighted I was highlighting to give examples of what others mentioned that I do already know I like. Highlighted for guidance, if you will. Spacemen3 is right on it for sure. Damn, Chrome is good too.
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Chameleons UK?
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Julian Cope's solo work of the 80s/early 90s. Fried, World Shut Your Mouth, and Peggy Suicide come to mind.
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If you like This Mortal Coil then surely you must know of The Hope Blister...that is, you must either know them already, or you must do so now as it's basically TMC without the big name vocalists. If you like "Kangaroo" and the other TMC songs with Gordon Sharp singing, you might like cindytak for frequently harsh, reverb-laden guitar-driven bad-trip music.

"Psychedelic" and "trippy" are really slippery, subjective can be applied to just about any genre of music or instrument grouping once you've thrown enough effects on top.
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The first time I heard Massive Attack's Mezzanine, I was stoned, I remember drawing a parallel with Seventh Dream (sans the fuzzy guitars). Ironically, I was stoned when I heard 7th Dream the first time too.

I really didn't smoke that often, really. I didn't. No, seriously.
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Martin E. and spicynuts are just rockstars here, aren't they? I think I've got my near term music listening cut out for me for a while here. Maybe we could make a CD swap with the people in just this post. That could be very promising. So many damn good answers. Hoping there are still more coming. If nothing else, it reminds to dig a little further into my existing collection.
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Very different in tone, perhaps, but some of the Flaming Lips stuff has a similarly trippy feel to it, I reckon.
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Hey, horseblind, a CD swap would be great except most of my collection from that period is on vinyl! I know there are ways of getting vinyl into mp3 format but I don't think I'm up for the task.

I neglected to dig through my vinyl last night as promised, but I'll give it another go tonight. I'm pretty sure there are bands we've missed.
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Thanks spicynuts! No worry about the swap. I still have loads of vinyl too and too lazy to convert. No hurries on checking your collection. And, the music I'm looking for doesn't have to be from that period, I'm looking for certain qualities more than a time period or genre. I don't care if it's classic rock, jazz, modern classical, country whatever; just looking for that psychedelic feel.
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Ok, here's my final set of submissions after pondering this at home some more:

Tubeway Army (Gary Numan) - Are Friends Electric?

I think any of the early Stereolab albums but particularly Mars Audiac Quintet you would like

Under the heading of "Country Whatever" - Souled American's Around the Horn (i used to get flak for calling them better than the Mekons but does anyone even know who the Mekons are anymore?)

Finally, a band that I loved but never seemed to get anywhere, Swell..album of the same name.

Have fun!
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No swap for me--I've got too much to get around to hearing and not enough time for music listening. Last suggestions, in light of genre-expansion.

Lush another 4AD band with dreamy guitars, and the compilation Lonely is an Eyesore is a classic and worth, er, obtaining for the CT track alone.

Current 93's In Menstrual Night is trippity-trippy, and probably the best of the 20+ minute soundscape type stuff I've heard. And no trippy-music collection is complete without Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.
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