Where can I find fashion awesomeness?
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StyleFilter: Where can I find a grey men's blazer with a black (velvet?) collar?

I feel like rockin a grey (needn't be solid, some texture/pattern would be nice) blazer/jacket with a black collar. I know this is kinda a vintage look, so old or new stuff is fine. But not super expensive. Like $1-200?

I'm a dude. In Chicago.
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rbs - Brown Elephant is your friend. Find a blazer and take it to a tailor to have a new collar attached, maybe?
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Hmm. I'd call a couple suit stores for recommendations. Something that specific would likely be hard without some professional guidance.

Otherwise, you might go thrifting for a grey blazer and a black blazer, then take it to a tailor to have the black lapel grafted onto the grey blazer.
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Response by poster: thanks.
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