How do I book a ferry from Stromboli to Naples?
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I am trying to book a ferry from Stromboli to Naples and/or Naples to Stromboli for April this year. Ive tried a few websites but no love. Anyone know of a reliable booking site?

My GF and I will be heading to Stromboli from Naples and I have tried numerous websites include SNAV, and a couple of others with no luck. I initially put it down to the fact that ferries may not be running when we are there (Mid-April 2007) but then when I put in July times when I KNOW ferries are running, still no joy. Im thinking they are rubbish websites and I was wondering if anyone had a reliable website for me?
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Our business travel site uses aswell, and seems to work fine. Though no ferries before May 31!

(Maybe your browser was just stuck or so?)
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Yes, they can be frustrating websites. Your problem most likely lies in the fact that A) they haven't uploaded the upcoming season's availability as of yet, B) don't run in April and don't run everyday and/or C) Take reservations via phone, fax or email.

- Doesn't run until June
- Runs Tuesdays & Fridays: Contact Info & reservations via phone
- Starts at the end of May
- Runs 7 Days a week - Reservations via phone or fax
- Doesn't start until June

Any particular reason why you want to reserve so far in advance? I usually just buy a ticket at the port when I want to jump on a ferry.
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Same here, I just turn up at the port (and do leave some time to visit the Fort in Naples just next to the ferry terminal) There's also a pretty good Pizzeria directly across from the entrance (had lots of photographs of 50s and 60s celebrities, you know the type, called something like Hollywood or star-related name, can't remember at the moment, sorry)
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Also, just in case, be aware that if the weather is bad the ferry might not run at all. Perhaps unlikely, but in theory you can get stuck like this on Stromboli or a neighbouring island and miss a connection. So a cautious person would give himself/herself a day or soś leeway on the return.
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Annnnd you might want to watch out for lava and small tsunamis.
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Response by poster: Thanks gang and yes, interesting developments re: Lava. Im annoyed im not there now to see it all happen!

The reason I wanted to use these reservation sites was more for understanding whether they are actually running in April and which days.

Im unable to determine what the "Summer" schedule is and when it is in affect. Does anyone know?
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