Where to buy blazers?
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Coldwater Creek used to be my go to place for well-made blazers at a reasonable price. Since they've closed, I'm at a bit of a loss.

What I want in a blazer:
Mid to low hip-height
Classic cut (not schoolboy or odd lapels)
Well-suited to curvy (hips, small waist, average shoulders, largish upper arms)

I wear a medium/8/10 in most brands. I have looked at J. Crew (too trendy), Eddie Bauer (too boxy), Banana Republic is too pricey for the quality.

Help me?
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Land's End?
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Talbots, Chico's, L.L. Bean, maybe sometimes Ann Taylor/Loft, department stores.
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Ann Taylor Loft? Might be a little pricey -- but for this (and most other retails these days) if you sign up for their email list you will receive coupons and other special offers. Easy to do that, purchase something, then unsubscribe.
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Try Appleseed's and/or Draper's and Damon's. The latter may be too 'classic' for you.
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NY & Company times a million. I have a bunch from there in different fabrics, ranging from super-comfy thick knits to dressy pin-stripes. If you have an outlet near you and can catch one of their sales, the jackets end up being about $30 a piece.
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Sears. No, seriously. I've gotten some really nice business suit type wear (nicely fitted blazers and skirts or slacks) for my curvy self at Sears. Really reasonably priced, too.
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To be honest, I've had better luck the past few years finding classic-style blazers in consignment or secondhand stores than in typical retail venues. It seems really difficult currently to find blazers or jackets that don't end near the waist, and that aren't all froo-froo'd up. It looks like you're in Seattle, and if you want to go this route at all, you might want to check out the Goodwills in the International District and/or down by the Ikea.

Another and spendier option would be to wait for a sale at the Brooks Brothers store in the Premium Outlets mall up by Tulalip. BB is generally out of my price range and I'd imagine yours as well, but most of their blazers definitely fit your criteria. In my experience it's possible to find some (relatively) good deals if you hit the outlet store at the right time (e.g., right after Xmas).

And Talbots will generally have some well-made, classically-styled options. Again, hitting a sale at the right time is the trick.
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Best answer: Have you looked at The Limited? There's one in Southcenter Mall, and I like the one in Lynwood as well. Their suiting pieces coordinate well, and the jackets are on BOGO right now. I have four lined pencil skirts from two years ago that I wear on a very regular basis, and I would have bought the matching jackets if my office were a suit office (I wear cardigans).

I'm a 8/10P, with largish upper arms. I tried on the jackets a few months ago on my last visit. The 10 was a good fit across the shoulders and still had a nice silhouette.

If you're going the thrift shop route, I highly recommend the Goodwill in Bellevue for work clothes (and heels).
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