Why won't PHP recognise this extension!
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PHP Filter: Why won't PHP recognise the SSL2 extension.

I installed the SSL2 extension (php_ssh2.dll) on my php installation (Apache/2.0.59 (Win32) PHP/5.2.1) by setting the ext_dir path in php.ini and putting the php_ssh2.dll file in the ext directory. IT WORKED! It showed up in phpinfo() and I started writing a script.


My computer crashed and now it doesn't work!!!??? Nothing has changed. I've spent hours trying to get it to work. From the command line (php.exe -m) shows the extension but phpinfo() doesn't - and the scripts I have written now complain of undefined functions relating to the SSL2 extension.

What is going on!? How can I get php to recognise this damn extension!

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Is extension=php_ssh2.dll present (and not commented out) in your php.ini? And remember to check which php.ini PHP is actually using (you can easily end up with one in the Windows directory, one in the PHP home directory etc) — you can check which PHP.ini is in use in phpinfo(). And restarting Apache and hoping for the best never hurt anyone.
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Also, do you have multiple versions of PHP, and/or multiple Apache servers running?
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It's normal for the CGI version, the command-line version, and the Apache(2) module instances of PHP to each have a different php.ini - there are in fact uses for that ability, not that this is especially relevant to you right now.

You're almost 200% definitely looking at the wrong copy of php.ini. Search the drive for others - if you're lucky, the folders they turn up in will illuminate with context.
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