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Why is Google warning that Yochai Benkler's site is bad? Here's Google's warning

He's the author of a very good book and I've been to this site in the past. His whole book is available through the site. It also has a wiki. Is anyone familiar with malware in wikis?
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It seems to be a bug in the google toolbar; clicking on the link to "StopBadWare.org" in the warning page should give you a report as to why it's listed, but it claims it's not listed. Probably a glitch in the matrix.
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Unfortunately it's not a glitch in the matrix - this happened to a friend of mine. If a site gets this warning and isn't listed on StopBadWare.org it just means that Google have blacklisted it themselves - they don't share their reasons with StopBadWare, and provide no mechanism to find out why they've blacklisted you. The link to StopBadWare is something of a red herring.

Unfortunately there's nothing I can suggest as a remedy - Google are completely uncommunicative about this issue, which I think is scandalous.
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The wiki could be the problem - he really needs to scan through absolutely every page / link on the site looking for anything nasty. My friend's site was eventually re-included.
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Definitely something hinkey goin' on. When I load the page in IE 6 Spybot S&D asks if I want to allow a global start up ... (something) registry change and below that it says "xx_Shell" then the computer reboots. But with FireFox (plus NoScript and Adblock) I don't have a problem loading the page.
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Looking at the source file of that page, there's a single line of Javascript that prints out an escaped string. That string, when escaped, resolves to an HTML IFRAME. That IFRAME points to a page which contains another IFRAME, which contains another obfuscated Javascript which appears to write out a plug-in exploit that installs Christ-knows-what on your system. Nothing happens in Firefox because this exploit is IE-specific.

In other words, his page/server has been hacked and he is effectively hosting spyware on his site. squeak should probably be running all sorts of virus and malware scanners on his system, in case SpyBlock didn't catch it completely.
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(guines pig reporting for duty) First thing I did when the computer finished rebooting was run a few scans. Thankfully, whatever it was didn't get a chance to infect my machine.
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