Hair cut recommendations in San Jose
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San Jose area filter: I seek recommendations for a barber/hair stylist in the San Jose area (preference for near Santa Clara.

I have a need for two things with this question;

First, I seek an inexpensive (less than $20 for simple trims) barber that I can visit on a regular basis to keep my hair neat. This should be someone I can communicate with reasonably (English being my only language) and it should be someone that does not define a man's haircut by a number.

Second, I seek a hair stylist (possibly an old school barber too) that can tell me what I should do with my hair. Price isn't as much of an issue here. Note, that I find that most stylists aren't much use for hair of my type (fine and very much thinning).
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I find the people at Bellarmine Salon in Santana Row do a good job, but a men's haircut is $45. They are more stylists than barbers.
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I used to get my hair cut/styled at Yosh in Palo Alto - but only for a treat. Great haircuts, but expensive as all get out. Plan to book one or two months in advance.
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The guy in the little one-man shop on el Camino between Castro and Shoreline/Miramonte does me okay for $8. English isn't his first language but he's reasonably articulate. He doesn't ask me which number (but then, he doesn't have much material to work with) although one of those archaic posters with numbered haircuts wouldn't look out of place there.
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