Where is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas (near San Jose)?
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Where are the best places to see Christmas lights in the San Francisco Bay Area? Consistently-extravagant neighborhoods are best, but dedicated displays are okay too. They can be free or pay-to-enter. Bonus points for not being too far from San Jose (by car). Thanks!
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Christmas Tree Lane in Palo Alto is impressive. Park some blocks away and walk over - it can get a bit insane but worth it.
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Parts of Willow Glen are nice, and I found a nice bunch of google maps with South Bay Xmas lights.
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Casa del Pomba in Livermore.
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It's not close to San Jose, but the El Cerrito Christmas Display is really impressive (particularly since it was the work of just one guy). And EC's good for Christmas lights in general.
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A bit closer to you is the display at Vasona Lake County Park in Los Gatos.
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Eucalyptus st in San Carlos is nice too.
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Thompson Avenue, off High Street in Alameda.
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Picardy Drive, in Oakland!
It's a trip for you but maybe combine it with some other goodness, like heading over to the City for outdoor ice skating at the Embarcadero in SF.

You may also find this site useful- all the displays in the Greater Bay Area and Sacramento.
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Christmas Tree Lane in Palo Alto is impressive. Park some blocks away and walk over

Oh, I must disagree -- the best way is after turning off Embarcadero, cruise very slowly along Fulton with Christmas music playing on your car's stereo. I suggest no headlights, parking lights only, and many fellow travelers seem to agree. People driving the other (wrong) way with their headlights blazing really lessens the atmosphere -- don't be one of them. Note that shortly after Christmas Day, the red filters are removed from the streetlights, so it's not as good then.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers, everyone! We ended up running out of time to go check places out (with family in town), so I can't say for sure which suggestions are the best. We should be able to check them out next year, and if we end up having a good time, I'll come back and mark best answers.
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